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A New Arrival (and just in time for Christmas!)

We have a Blair Elderbar, now . . . a very important asset in some plottage between Rigel and Spica, as you shall soon see, muhaha . . .

So, everyone welcome Jessica, aka Blair Bones, a 5th Year Ravenclaw:


Yeah . . . and that's good for everything . . . so . . . right . . . we'll get going with that Yule Ball thing, then . . . ^_^

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Hello all!!! I am Jessica... *bows*

and I am all ready for the plottage of dooom... *ominous music*

hokay. soh... that's all I wanted to say. ^_^
Hello, Jessica.

Now we just need to get BACK ON TRACK. Good lord. It HAS been months.

*feels bad and guilty*