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So Erin and I were talking on AIM about the Yule Ball. Not that I'll have much say. Hagrid is a third year so won't be going. (Unless someone can think up an interesting way to get him there) But I did have the idea that maybe we could have the first attack be the night of the Yule ball. After all the dancing, alcohol, snogging *cough*MoodyMinerva*cough*, and drama. Someone gets mad, throws punch on someone, storms out of the room and then WAHBAM! - there's a stoned person on the floor outside the great hall!! This is just an idea of course. It's mainly up to you slytherins, especially you, Riddle. Hagrid's just the poor innocent in this story. Well anyways, Erin said I should post this and see what you guys think. But if not for Yule Ball, we really need to start the Chambers attacks. That way we can have enough time to get into it and then round it off by the end of the term. Let's see what everyone has to say, though.
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