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I hate to be the bitchy person, but as the protocol mod, I must commence...

I know that we all have different styles of writing. I, for one, like reading the different styles because it gives a literary face to each character. However, it appears as if not everyone understands how the RP comm works. So, a tutorial is in order. Lucky for you they're free!

Firstly, when posting in your character's private journal, it is to be written as a journal. Same as when you update your journal. You just talk about stuff that you did, what you're going to do; it is reported in the past and future tense, uless you are saying "I'm feeling this, that, and the eggroll I had for last night."

Secondly, please don't double post. Physical interactions of characters take place in [Bad username: secret_chamber>, questions about characters, policy, timeline, random announcements and anything else go in here (<lj user=]), and your characters reactions, thoughts, journal, etc. goes in the journal of your character (i.e. _mcgonagall_m).

Thirdly, when posting in [Bad username: secret_chamber> for physical interactions between characters, please write in third person format. This makes is easier to read and provides some semblance of uniformity to the comm. I&apos;m all for individualism, but seeing everything all nice and neat makes me happy (there&apos;s a reason my nickname is Hermione, you know). Please refer to <a href=]Minerva and Moody's Interactions</a> for an example if needed. (Yes, a shameless plug for my two favorite characters, I know.)

Other than that, kudos for the frequent updates, great job on the RPing, have fun, keep your noses clean, and I love you all very much. Any questions, please feel free to comment or IM me (see <lj user="_mcgonagall_m> userinfo for that). Thanks for reading!
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